Exterior Transition Band HELP

Allison Benton
last month

Help. I am stuck in a hard spot with my builder. I am trying to finalizing my exterior siding and there is some clear confusion and/or lack of knowledge to blame.

The first floor will be horizontal smooth plank cement board (hardie) w a woven edge. The second floor is board and batten. I do not want a thick/wide transition band between the two. I want something narrow, modern, and clean. But he keeps telling me that I cannot do that because the weight of the siding plus the paint will be too heavy resting on that narrow of a band. It kind of made since to me not really know how it all works. But now that I have done some more research i don't believe that is the case. It does not bare the weight bc it is applied to the side. The band is just decorative, right??? I have photos of multiple homes in the area and idea phots that are doing the narrow application. I even spoke with the siding salesman and he doesn't think our builder is correct either.

What do I do to get the look of the home I want without risking an huge argument or losing my contractor?

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