Black spots/bumps on succulent

Stacy Cote
last month

I noticed some black "freckles" on my echeverias. I had some small flies buzzing around my succulents a couple weeks ago so I got worried about fungus gnats. I dialed back my watering and sprinkled diatomaceous earth on top of the soil as well as using Safers 3 in 1 spray (insecticide/fungicide) as well as gnat/fly traps I made with apple cider vinegar and dish soap. It seemed to have worked and I hadn't seen any flies since. I tried beheading 2 plants (saddly one didn't root and died) I also repotted a plant (after removing all the affected leaves). As for my set up. I grow my plants in meshpots using a hybrid growing medium: 1 part cactus soil and 2 parts gritty mix. They are indoors under LED growlights on a 14 hour cycle. I use a ceiling fan to increase air circulation. And I water by sitting my pots in water until it saturates the top. I don't use a fixed watering schedule, I keep my collection in my bedroom so I inspect my plants daily. If the older growth starts to soften and the medium is dry, it gets watered. My collection is mostly colorful echeverias or echeveria hybrids with farina like Parvas, powder puffs, douglas hughs, lotus, purple delight, etc. The black spots had effected my parva (r.i.p.) my orion (beheaded and staring to root) and my lotus (pruned and repotted). The spots look like freckles, black in color if I wiped away a bit of farina. They are raised (bumpy) and are NOT scale. My parva had it on EVERY leaf other than the new growth in the middle. Usually on the underside of the leaves, near the tips not the stem. Now its appearing on a different plant. Any idea what this is? The average humidity in my home is 35 to 40 percent. We heat with wood so it can sometimes get a bit warm. Which makes me laugh, with grow lights and heat some of my plants think its summer. Please, any insight would be appreciated.

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