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Remove pantry and replace with cabinets?

last month

Hello, we are going to remodel the kitchen keeping electrical and water in place, so it's going to be replacing cabinets, countertops and floors. We are about to order cabinets (considering Ikea) and now have some questions:

1) should we remove the pantry that sticks out from the corner and replace it with cabinets like for example a large pantry cabinets wall? will that look better?

2) we have 9' ceilings and we thought to bring the cabinets up to the ceilings, will that look weird with the pantry in the middle?

Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated :)

Thank you so much!

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  • Gloria

    Here is the picture, it didn't upload with the post ;)

  • PRO

    Corners in kitchens are always difficult and yours also houses the HVAC. I might consider keeping the walk-in pantry rather than change it out to tall cabinets...............however, you need to analyze what you have stored in the pantry and if it's even possible to store those items in tall cabinets. For sure the tall cabinets will not be placed in the same location so that is a real consideration.

    Where is your floor plan with the layout? Once you start placing actual cabinets in locations the plan will reveal to you what will be successful.

    Is this it????

    You're going to just change out the cabinets? No actual new layout for the space itself?

    I'd go for a larger window and then do the tall cabinets next to the fridge.

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  • PRO
    The Cook's Kitchen

    What do you hope to gain from your remodel? Because you could save yourself tens of thousands to stick with what you have. It looks like many people’s AFTER goal!

    Gloria thanked The Cook's Kitchen
  • chiflipper

    The air supply vent over the pantry door, is the ductwork for same located within the pantry? (need consult with HVAC company) Do you have enough "spare tile" to repair the floor if the pantry is removed? (you will never be able to match what you have) Select one existing base cab and wall cabinet - remove all items. Now, remove everything from pantry and place in empty cabs. This will give you an idea of how many new cabs you will need to store those items.

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  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    IMO corner pantries are a huge waste of space but I would need to see the plan to really say what to replace it with. I find Ikea pantries are full of awesome storage choices to really custom design exactly what you need . Could you post a to scale floor plan not showing any cabinets with a not about where that vent is coming from. Often venting can be altered , please mark all measurements clearly and also windows and doorways . Use graph paper it makes it easier to do this and use a scale that allows all the space to be on one page.

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  • Gloria thanked mdln
  • Kristin S

    I had the same thought as Beverly - if you chose to remove the walk-in pantry, I'd make the refrigerator wall a full-height wall with pantry cabinets next to the fridge.

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  • mama goose_gw zn6OH

    If you're planning to keep the island/table, I think it would be better to remove the pantry and move the fridge toward the back wall. The island would then be less of a barrier between the fridge and sink/prep area. BTW, I hope the island/table is anchored. Thinking that the top, with that overhang, might be stone is making me twitchy.

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  • momof5x

    I would definitely keep walk in pantry as is- it’s nice!

    Gloria thanked momof5x
  • rainyseason

    Maybe leave the pantry— for all the logistical and resale issues above— but also add deep pantry cabinets on the fridge wall. This may help the pantry blend in better vs being an interruption in you cabinet run.

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  • Gloria

    Hello again, thank you so much everyone for jumping in to help, loved all the ideas and suggestions! I have been all morning at Ikea working out the details for the cabinets.

    We didn't plan any structural change, the plan is just changing cabinets, countertops and floors.

    I love the bigger window @BeverlyFLADeziner! such a great idea! I will now look into that as well, I am afraid of the price though, because I requested a quote to make the patio door bigger and it was more than $3k.

    @The Cook's Kitchen I am looking to 1) increase our storage with more and taller cabinets 2) get a more updated feel, the cabinets are thermofoil and are peeling in multiple places (hard to tell from the distance on the picture) 3) then I also thought that from the design stand point it might look much cleaner to have just a regular 90 degrees corner vs. the weird shape in the corner.

    @chiflipper We consulted a contractor (not HVAC) and he said it is easy/possible to move the air vent to the ceiling (cost $1k). The pantry has the same tile like the kitchen, but we will change the floor in the kitchen, so if we end up removing the pantry we will remove that part as well.

    @Patricia Colwell Consulting Ikea is the reason I thought about removing the pantry ;)... when I saw their pantry cabinets and how much you can organize in there vs my current pantry that is so non messy and functional...oh my! Appreciate so much all your insights ;)

    @mdln thanks for the articles! that's exactly why we doubt about removing it. We think that it is a selling point for the house when you say "walk in pantry", in our case the pantry is 43"x43" so it is just for one person standing, not so much "walk in"

    @BeverlyFLADeziner @Kristin S The wall cabinets around the fridge are going in for sure, those are part of the plan, I don't like the way it is now and I want to use the space better. We have the space for a 24" pantry cabinet.

    @momof5x yes, we will probably move the fridge in that case. The current island is the stand alone with a stainless top. The new one will have stone top and we will anchor it, it is going to be tight but we use it so much that is worth it for us.

    The kitchen is open to the living room so there is no restriction on the front to get in.

    Here is the plan with the layout and measurements. Let me know your thoughts.

    Thank you all so much!

  • Gloria thanked mama goose_gw zn6OH
  • motherof3sons

    Gloria - I understand wanting to lose the pantry. The plan with it removed appeals to me more. I had a wall of cabinets that went to the ceiling by the fridge in a former house. We loved it! Everything we had in a small reach in pantry fit into the two huge cabinets and we still had room. All our small appliances even had a storage spot in the pantry cabinets. We now have a walk-in pantry just off the kitchen that I do not like, but it poorly designed. That's a project for another time. Best of luck with your kitchen!

    Gloria thanked motherof3sons
  • Kristin S

    I think for resale "a full wall of pull-out pantry cabinets" sounds just as good as "walk-in pantry," if not better.

    Gloria thanked Kristin S
  • Gloria

    @motherof3sons my intuition tells me so, that I would be able to organize better and therefore put more stuff than how we have it now.

    @Kristin S glad to hear your take on this, I agree with you, it is more functional, but it seems that for most the "walk in" is a good extra factor.

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    I have designed so many kitchens with Ikea pullouts and when my clients sell they have never had an issue. IMO function wins every time.

    Gloria thanked Patricia Colwell Consulting
  • Gloria

    Coming back here for more advice on the same kitchen project ;)

    We made a decision on keeping the pantry for the reselling is a little disappointing but we want to keep moving forward with the remodel.

    We will make the window bigger (double the current size)... @BeverlyFLADeziner I cannot thank you enough for that idea...some times things are in front of us but we don't see them ;)

    We will do IKEA kitchen with the AXSTAD doors in white stacked all the way to the ceiling, and I have a couple of questions

    -they just released a grey version of these doors, do you think I should make the bottom cabinets or the island in grey? it is a small space, so I am not sure.

    -any recommendation on handles for these Ikea doors? I was thinking brass, modern.

    Thank you all again!

  • Gloria

    Hello! we got all the cabinets and now I am having doubts again! I still have time to remove the corner pantry and I am driving myself nuts. I thought we moved on from that but I keep looking at that corner sticking out and I don't like it...I have asked around and the answers are divided.

    The kitchen is small anyways, I would gain like 28" of counter and will need to add another tall pantry cabinet. Anything else that I should consider to make a decision to remove it or keep it? Any good suggestions for handles for the Ikea Axstad doors? Thank you! Appreciate any comments and insights.

  • motherof3sons

    Have you consulted a realtor in your area regarding the value of the walk-in vs. pantry cabinet? How long do you plan to remain in the house? If you keep the pantry, have you considered updating it for efficiency?

    Gloria thanked motherof3sons
  • andigrace

    Keep the pantry, maybe change the door? That might help, best of luck.

    Gloria thanked andigrace
  • Gloria

    Yes, @motherof3sons If I keep it I plan to update the interior, I haven't consulted a realtor on this.

    I will change the door :) @andigrace Thank you for your responses.

  • wilson853

    Here's some inspiration with a very similar layout where the corner pantry was removed.

    Gloria thanked wilson853
  • purlina007

    Sounds like you are well on your way Gloria. What clinched the deal for us was we measured the true useable space in the pantry and compared it to the useable space in the IKEA pullouts. I actually gained space with a 15” wide full height cabinet with drawers than I did with the old pantry closet. That data was really helpful in making my decision. Ultimately, there is no wrong choice - just whatever makes you happier.

    Gloria thanked purlina007
  • Gloria

    Thanks @purlina007@wilson853 I think in terms of storage space it's going to be similar, I would gain in counter space, which is great since our kitchen is small.

  • seosmp

    We did not have a walk-in pantry so it’s not a true comparison, but we had a pantry closet with bi-fold doors. As part of getting the cooktop off the narrow island, we had to change the layout which involved removing the pantry closet (frig is there now). We have ~5ft of pantry cabinets to the ceiling with full extension pull-out shelves and I LOVE it! This was almost 7 years ago, and to this day, I pull out the shelves and exclaim my love for them! My husband and kids can attest to this :).

    Gloria thanked seosmp
  • qtaeballard

    Do you have enough room to move your fridge to your stove wall? Then you could make a wall of pantry and make your island bigger.

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