Pull-Latch Knobs Instead of Turning Door Knobs?

Mike Murphy
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Hi there, I'm looking for something a bit more unique that a typical door knob set for these 8' tall french doors. These doors push open into the office and have a ball latch up top. The left door will have slide locks that go into the upper door jamb and into the floor. I want the right door to latch to the left door and to have a privacy lock so guests can pull curtains across the doors and sleep on the pull out couch. I also want to be able to lock/unlock from the hall so I can keep my kids out of there.

I'm wondering if there is a barn door type pull handle that unlatches when you pull it back. Instead of turning a regular knob, you'd pull back on a handle that looks like this that would unlatch the door:


If you think you have a better idea I'd like to hear them as well! I'm just not wanting to have regular-sized door knobs on these french doors like you can see on the closet door in this same photo. They just need to be bronze or black.

I haven't drilled any holes yet in the doors so now is a perfect time to do something more unique!


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