Help with dying Succulents!

I’ve been trying to grow some succulents at work, but they’re not doing so hot!

Back in November I got THIS planter from Amazon, and drilled 2 more holes into the bottom for additional drainage. It’s about 2 inches deep and 8 inches across. I have a layer of white rocks at the bottom for drainage and Miracle Grow Cacti soil on top, then more little white rocks.

I got a moonstone and two little $1 plants from Home Depot’s clearance bin, planted them and put it on my desk.

Around Christmas, my dad got me a set of 5 plants from Home Depot, and I transplanted them into my Amazon planter. I know the bright red one is spray painted, I can’t wash the paint off, and only realized once it was in the soil.

A few weeks passed and I noticed that one of them was stretching toward the sun, so I got THIS desk grow light from Amazon and I leave that on a timer for 9 hours a day (I started out with 3, but didn’t feel like they were getting enough sun).

Lately I’ve noticed all the leaves falling off my plants, and one of the $1 home depot ones died. I took it out as soon as I noticed. I water them about once a month, watering deeply so water comes out the drainage holes into the collection dish, then I dry out the collection dish and leave it for another month.

Here’s what they all look like now.

Are they sick? Am I not watering them enough? Or should I be fertilizing them? I don’t know anything about plants, so any advice would be very much appreciated!

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