online images, safe to post?

9 days ago

Most of my posts on the gardenweb forums include a photo. I take a pic with my digital camera and upload it from my pc along with my msg. Like many others I've done this for many years and never given it any thought.

I've seen many of my pix on googleimages. It is my understanding that EXIF Metadata is included with the pic. Strange I've never seen this brought up here before. Couldn't someone up to no good find out the location from the data? If the pic location is a park or public place who cares, but suppose it is from a private residence? What's to stop a thief from using the information to rob the poster?

I've learned how to remove data from my pix. What do you think, should this be done each time?

What I'd really like is a method to remove EXIF data from all future pix, why is it there to begin with?. (am using windows10)

How about the poster who takes a pic of a rare population of wildflower and unwittingly gives away the location?

Although I take a lot of pix am really just an amateur photographer. All responses appreciated.

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