Projects for the Pandemic

Moving in to the second week of home confinement and I'm not sure how non-gardeners are dealing with this. I'm able to spend as much time outside as I'd like and that is a major distraction from sitting inside and just stewing on things, I can't imagine what my neighbors are doing cooped up inside day and night... although I suspect some of them are out and about more than they should be.

All the projects which I kept saying I don't have enough time for are up for doing, but I'm finding out that some of them weren't a matter of time, I just really didn't want to tackle them!

The spring cleanup is all done, right now I'm moving shrubs and some tree seedlings, and pruning whatever I can prune. A tree came down this week without anything close to an ER visit, and once the perennials start showing a little more I'll see what needs doing there. So far I've been trying to avoid extra seed starting (a season long commitment of care) and extreme tidying. My goal is to do the things which will last for a couple years before they need more attention.

By Friday I hope to move on to raised beds for the vegetable garden. The lumber should be delivered by then.

Anyone else finding a load of unexpected time on their hands and a new project in the works?

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