Crassula arborescens

10 days ago


Is this supposed to be an opposite or alternate leaved plant?

About a year ago, I tried propagating from a leaf of this plant. Although it took over 6 months to start up, it finally did and two stems which grew are now about 4-5 inches tall. One stem is completely opposite leaved, and the other is completely alternate leaved. Is this just a fluke, as all my other jades and crassulas appear to be opposite leaved although 'Hobbit' is a bit hard to determine?

Comments (3)

  • Emily (5b)

    Should be opposite leaved, just like other jades. Must be some sort of fluke or mutation. I'm curious to see what this looks like, can you share a photo?

  • geoforce


    Here is a photo of the strange side. About 4" tall but lower light here has kept it a dull green. I'm hoping that now spring is here it will silver up and get those nice red edges

  • Emily (5b)

    That's very interesting, the stem is sort of zig zaggy. It looks like its just one leaf growing per node, and then they just switch sides every node, if I'm not mistaken

    Also looks like the pair of leaves on top might be "normal", possibly reverting back to a non mutated growth. I've seen jades do that with other types of mutations

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