Protecting the latex mattress topper

Shira Reeves
2 months ago

Hello Houzzers!

I'm wondering how people protect their mattress toppers, natural latex or otherwise.

We have a 2" thick natural latex mattress topper on our son's bed and it's covered by a wool protector (because that is what we had covering the mattress). The protector is not fitted, it just lays on top. Because of that, the wool protector slips around under the fitted sheet and can get a bit wrinkly. It's hard to fix it though, because it's under the sheet and the mattress sits down inside the platform bed.

With the mattress and topper together, the whole thing is rather thick and I'm not sure it will fit under a regular mattress protector. I'm not super excited about buying a new product when we have something that works, albeit imperfectly. But in the meantime, I want to do some research! The store where we bought the topper sells zippered protectors for $49 (yikes!). The website also states that it's not necessary and that most people don't purchase those protectors when they purchase the topper.

Thanks in advance. (sorry this is a little wordy),


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