Replacing aluminum siding with...(gasp)...aluminum?!?

16 days ago

I'm writing to see if anyone has been in a similar situation and has advice for me. I sure could use it.

The good news: Due to a hail storm, insurance will replace our full house of 1971 aluminum siding. Our insurance adjuster wrote the $20K damage estimate for replacement aluminum siding (.024 thickness). Ugh! The last thing we want to do is put aluminum siding back on our house due to the chalking, upkeep (painting), and denting (we have small children that kick and throw balls around). Plus, it just looks DATED. I know that an insurance company does not care what our house looks like, but I do.

When I talked to the insurance company about allowing us to replace with a nice vinyl or cement board instead, they said that we'd have to prove that aluminum siding is no longer available before they'd pay for vinyl or cement board. They also suggested that we send our sample to ITEL Labs so that this lab could determine what the comparable product is. We'd have to have their documentation as support for our assertion.

The full replacement cost is $20K. We received a check immediately for $13K before even hiring a contractor. We receive the remaining $7K once we submit the final contractor receipt. If we go with vinyl (or better), we risk losing out on the $7K, which I don't want to do.

Has anyone had a similar experience? I've attached a picture of our current 1971 aluminum siding.

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