Best Small Tomatoes and Sweet Peppers


So I'm try to plan better for next year. I usually start some seeds and also get some plants via mail order or local farms.

I'm looking for recommendations ... below is what we general want, but if there's a variety that's just the best ever, I'd love to hear about it.

We usually grow in pots, but we could probably figure out ground plantings for something superb. We do have a mix of large pots, self-watering pots, and pots with cracks that basically let the plant grow into the grow below and a wide variety of container sizes.

Tomato Preferences:

  • Small and medium fruits - we usually go with a mix of cherry, salad, and sauce tomatoes
  • No two pound tomatoes, please
  • Manageably sized plants - we'd love some nice small bushy plants; the super tall ones take up a lot of space and end up tied to everything to keep them from falling over; they don't necessarily need be tiny, but not 8' tall would be good
  • Low-acid and thin skin is best (especially for the cherries)
  • Meaty and low seed larger ones, though we tend to prefer smaller pastes, particularly ones that work well for both sauce and fresh
  • Crack resistant would be great
  • Keeping well after picking would be nice
  • Finishing ripening inside would be bonus, as we have thieving chipmunks; we try to leave them on the plant, but if they have their sights set on a bush, sometimes the only way to get fruit off that one is to pick a bit early
  • Long producing would be great on a small plant, as we could potentially bring it in to keep it going past frost
  • Early maturity would be nice, since New England weather sometimes gives us a pretty late start

Pepper Preferences:

  • Sweet peppers only, no hot peppers
  • Not the standard bells, we like the ones that look like they should be hot but aren't
  • Thinned walled seem to be preferred around here, but thick walled is fine too if it's got good flavor
  • Long producing, we usually bring these in, and they sometimes keep going multiple years

Some of our recent favorites have been:

Tomatoes: Striped/Speckled Roman, Green Zebra (once we figured out when it was ripe), Yellow Pear (though it's awfully big), Celebrity (if we could beat the chipmunk), San Marzano (though also a bit big)

Peppers: Yummy, Lunchbox, Mamma Mia (if it had better production), Antohi Sweet Frying Pepper

Thanks for your suggestions!


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