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Hi All, I recently purchased a house and decided to get in way over my head and commission the removal of a load bearing wall which is in progress right now...that's a story for another time but I need some help with a kitchen layout. I have never owned a house before and this is the first time I've embarked on a major remodel, so I'd like the pros to look at my design and let me know if it makes sense. Please excuse the beginner sketchup skills and ignore the actual cabinet designs, they're just placeholders and the actual cabinets will be designed to fit the space by a cabinet maker.

I'm looking to get a pantry built in the corner and I've provisioned 4 feet on either side of the wall. The island will have the sink, microwave, and dishwasher. The island is 120" x 50" inches. I'm not sure if the layout looks clean as it stands and I feel like upper cabinet storage is majorly lacking with an overall 90" of space only available for upper cabinets. Since I only have two walls and windows to work with, Im pretty limited. I've already actioned the 3'x 4.5' windows to be installed in the locations shown, I could stop the window install if I have to but it will create some issues so I'd rather keep them as is if possible. In front of the kitchen is the dining room, and in front of that is the living room. Down the stairs from the kitchen is the family room. So, what do you guys think?

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