Flower bed mistake need help ASAP!

Natasha Shahram
4 months ago

I am trying to get into gardening and foolishly chose to plant dahlias in the flower bed in my front yard. After doing more research(which I should have done FIRST) I am noticing that dahlias grow to be extremely tall and I fear this will look awkward as I did not plant anything in front to fill the gaps in... I am new to this and clearly messed up.... I am desperate for any advice anyone can give as to how to make the flower bed look nice. Is there a flower that grows low to the ground that has a big blossom and would kind of spread so it would fill the gaps in? I really dont want more greenery and I do not want to dig the dahlias up..... Please help! I want a flower with a big blossom so it will be noticeable if I was viewing it from the street. I would really appreciate any advice anyone could offer!

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