Gardenweb Houzz gets more and more irritating

last month

Are they trying to discourage me with constant improvements? If so, they are doing a good job.

First, the puzzling "Best Answer". Who is deciding it's the best answer? Sometimes the "Best Answer" is a follow up clarification by the OP, how can that be a "Best Answer"? And why must it be repeated? Why not just flagged? Repeating it at the top just requires scrolling through it to get to the real comments, because the "Best Answer" is rarely the best answer.

Second, a more recent improvement, the change to listing comments with the newest first. How can I follow a thread and have it make sense if I start with the newest comments? So to read the thread I have to scroll to the end and work my way back? There is an option to list them oldest first but apparently the default is newest first and I have to manually change it for every thread I read. I went to preferences hoping there was some way to make oldest first the default but couldn't see a way to do it.

Third, another recent improvement, having the OP shortened with the option to "Read More". I must have been interested in the post to click on it so why would I want a truncated view of the entire post? Of course I want to "Read More", why wouldn't I?

All of these changes are time consuming, irritating additions that add nothing to my enjoyment or use of Gardenweb discussions.

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