Performance Guarantees on exhausts.

8 days ago

This is something I wish we'd thought about for the contract in our new house - All shower, toilet and similar exhausts should perform at 80% of the rating of the blower unless otherwise specified.

We spec'd Fantech inline blowers & silencers for toilet & shower exhausts that aren't serviced by an ERV. All are completely silent which was the goal so that's good. Exhausting performance isn't so great though. Two shower exhausts w/ 180 CFM blowers measured below 75 actual performance. The best of these is 120

The 305 CFM in our master bath measures 128 actual so well below 50% and below the 220 minimum that I expected.

I assume this is all shoddy flex duct installation (and why Europe uses only rigid and not flex). I think a performance guarantee in our contract would have gone a long way to insure that they were more careful w/ the installation.

(FWIW, the guy doing the measurements said that he has only very rarely seen a standard bath fan perform at better than 50% of advertised rating.)

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