What order do I do steps of renovation?

12 days ago

I need to renovate parts of my nearly 20 year old condo prior to selling it. Unfortunately, our DW pooped out this month, and the microwave door cracked. DH broke a few cabinets too with wheelchair wheelies and the Formica countertops that came with the condo are outdated. So, rather than sell the condo “as is” (which looks forlorn), we decided to replace the kitchen. We will be moving into a new home. We need to do the things on the list below, but after having our current kitchen pulled out, I don’t know what order to do things in (except that I think the backsplash is last). The builder of our new house will help us out by recommending subcontractors, we’ll use the same kitchen designer and supplier as we are using for our new house, and I also have a good handyman team, but don‘t have a general contractor to oversee the renovation.

1. Pull out existing kitchen cabinets, countertops, backsplash etc and prepare walls for new cabinets, counters, sink, faucet and backsplash.

Repair kitchen drywall — repair where damaged from Step 1.

Patch and paint entire interior of condo.

Replace kitchen cabinets, countertop.

new kitchen sink and faucet installed (American Standard is not respecting the lifetime warranty on our current faucet — the finish is chipping off)

repair transitions between wood and tile floors (DH’s wheelchair cracked the raised wood strip. Don’t want to replace them and have them cracked again when new appliances are brought in).

Replace carpet on stairs to 2d floor. (All other floors are wood or tile).

Replace stove, dishwasher and microwave (microwave is over stove).

Last: New tile Backsplash in kitchen.

Seems like if I do carpet before paint, the painter could drop paint on the new carpet. If I do the reverse, the carpet installers could mess up the newly painted walls.


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