china hutch dilemma

Lori Meyer
last month

My Mother-in-law gave me this table and China Hutch when she moved out of state.

The problem is this is a small room and it’s not my style at all. The rest of my house is more farmhouse decor. It’s also tight with the hutch. People hit the hutch when they get in or out of chairs.

The chandelier is not centered because of the big hutch and can’t move table back.

I envision a farmhouse table. I hate to get rid of a hutch all together because I have so many beautiful old dishes I got when my Mom passed away. But I may have to. I love old hutches but I just don’t think a hutch will work unless it’s thin.

I was thinking about a farmhouse corner hutch where the two small pictures are.

Would love ideas on tables, hutch or no hutch and possible some curtains. I just don’t want the room to feel smaller than it is already.

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