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bedroom with sloped ceilings & built-ins?

last year
last modified: last year

So...will you please help me with your eyes and vision for this immensely difficult room to decorate because of its sloped walls and numerous built-ins.

( I will not replace the bed (similar to this mockup) and the 2 nightstands).

Room facing bed section:

Issues I see: don't want a desk in bedroom; there are two offices in house. Prefer a vanity. I don't like furniture chosen. I like the idea of matching pictures on either side; maybe mirrors on each side.

Mirror here covers the vent.

Here's their view of the front section of room:

I don't think the furniture works well with bed and nightstand. The small piece on side may block the drawers. I don't like the look - not my taste at all.Their Second Design:

So many different types of furniture. WHY? Another No-no imho.

I have 2 offices in house. I don't want one in this bedroom.

I really don't like hampers in a bedroom!

And they really should have put this chair into design one.

View from window to wall:

Furniture doesn't match.

Here's a picture of layout of design 1 from top:

Here's my diagram:

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