How can I fix my mistake for prepping kitchen cabinets for paint?

Matthew Pritchard
2 days ago
last modified: 2 days ago

I drove from Austin to Tulsa to help my brother paint his kitchen cabinets. We removed all the doors and drawers and sanded them well to prep for paint, but I forgot that I was supposed to clean before sanding to prevent embedding dirt and grease into the wood and prevent the cabinet primer from adhering properly. I will be using my HVLP sprayer and 30 gallon compressor to paint them tomorrow. Will the fact that I did not clean before sanding cause a problem with the primer and paint? Can I just wipe down the cabinets with Denatured Alcohol to remove any possible dirt or grease that may have gotten onto the wood during sanding? Is there a way that I can remedy this? I need to get the primer and paint applied tomorrow so I can take my sprayer and compressor back to Austin for a job that I have next week.

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