Master Rain Garden Class Joni

3 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

This area is about 10 feet from the road so it receives plenty of run-off and also salt in the winter. Hoping to not only save the run-off from going directly to the the river (which is just 1 block away) but add some much needed color to this area.

Since in the 2nd segment of the class it was mentioned that putting a rain garden next to a road can be a bit more complicated I chose a new site. It was said that the drainage from the impervious surface could be a pop up drain I chose this site as it will make it a bit easier.

The perc test drained within 24 hours. I realize (even without measuring) that the garden will not be as large as the measurements will show but in the coursepack I read that even a small rain garden is better than none!