Are these good layout options for this Master Closet?

Sylva Leduc
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

We are in the final stages of our whole home renovation and have touched every surface in this house, except for the master closet. So it is time to tackle this project.

Here's the layout. The true measures are 167.5" x 65" and the ceiling height is 120".

We switched out the bypass doors for an 8' barn door that opens inside the closet.

When the closet door is open I'd like to look directly in and be able to see a set of drawers & shelves before seeing a bunch of hanging clothes.

We want to use as much vertical as possible since the ceiling is so high. But we are not going to the ceiling. We are planning for 96" tall floor mounted cabinets with double hanging, drawers, shelving, a hamper and shoe shelves. I used an online planning tool and came up with a couple of ideas for a C-shaped closet. The depth of the cabinets on the back wall (C) would be 24" and the other two cabinets would be 16".

The blue are baskets

What am I missing or what have I not taken into consideration?

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