Closet dilemma help!

Dana Cohen
last month

I'm hoping you all can help me organize and design my weird closet! It happens to be above my stairs so because of the clearance, I have some stairs in my closet too! I'm not sure how to utilize these in the best way so I am open to any and all ideas! I imagine "baskets" would be an idea but I need a visual and some ideas. I have not moved in yet so I'm still not sure about how I am organizing anything in general so anything is up for discussion! I do have a second closet in my room ( and I live alone so it is all for me !) as well as other good storage areas so I am not limited!

the normal part of the closet....

the weird part! As you can see... it is also attic access

here is a rendering idea from the container store.. I think I like it but what do you guys think? I was mainly hoping they would help me with ideas for the stairs though

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