Need help with double sided fireplace with wrap around raised hearth

14 days ago
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Hi, Okay so I need some major advice. We currently have a double sided fireplace that separates our two living rooms. The fireboxes on each side are offset, so it is not a pass through. It is all brick, with a large raised hearth on both sides. I want to resurface with a tiled subway herringbone pattern. (as seen in inspiration pic first image)

I have two questions:

1) What do I do with the raised hearth? Do I just cover it with the same herringbone tile, that seems weird to me. Do I use a different material for the hearth area? Tile on the bottom of hearth and maybe something smooth for the seating portion of the hearth?

2) Should I/could I cover the far left side and make it look like a regular wall, maybe add some shelves there and just keep the herringbone tiled area more even on both sides of the firebox?

I thought about getting rid of the raised hearth but not sure that would look good because the fireboxes are so high up and didn't want them to look like they were just floating.

Any suggestions or pictures would be greatly appreciated!

I have attached my inspiration tile picture (first image) and my ugly brick fireplace (second image).

**Other side of fireplace looks the same just the fire box is on the opposite side as this one, so essentially whatever I do to this side, I will do to the other side!

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