3 Bougainvillea, 3 please

last month

Hello, I have planted 3 bougainvilleas almost 4 weeks ago and they seem to each have issues now.

Caterpillars on one closest to wall

Middle variegated curled,brown edges,dropping leaves

Dark orange has brown spots

All 3 have lots most of blooms. I will say that area planted in does not get as much direct sunlight as originally thought. I only water about once a week. I have put bougainvillea Fertilizer about 1 week ago, and sprayed insecticidal soap about 1.5 weeks ago.

how long should I monitor before pulling up, I would have to put them in pots if I was to replant to move to a sunnier area.

Any thoughts on how else to help them thrive, or even survive? Thanks in advance!

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