Where to get strawberry plants?

last month

I have been on Gurney's wait list to get Festival Strawberries. I got notified today that they were in stock, but when I went to place the order they don't ship until spring. I am in South Florida zone 10 and now is my planting time. I was so excited.... then so disappointed because they are great plants for a great price.... I have order them before, but berries won't make it through my summers.....

I went to Home Depot, and for the price of 25 plants, I couldn't even get one plant.... Home Depot did not even say what kind of strawberry plant it was....

I think Festival Strawberries or Sweet Charlies are the ones recommended for me.... Festival says it will do zone 11..... so even though I am zone 10, I thought they would be best.

Looking for a strawberry nursery that ships, because I think all the other places are expensive.

Thanks for any help.


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