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Terrible construction supervisor

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last year


We are building a new home in Florida. Its a custom home with a known reputed local builder. However, the construction manager assigned to us has been terrible since day 1.

The architect has made some serious design mistakes as well.

The construction supervisor does not seem to have basic knowledge about construction and is also not supervising the work at all. Let me give you few examples.

-About 7 windows in the house were placed with wrong sill heights/not centered per plan. He did not pick any of it. We live nearby and have been visiting the house about 3 times a week and picking up all the mistakes.

-He also placed our electric floor outlet wrong and said it can be changed later during electric walk. During electric walk the electrician said that the foundation needs to be drilled in order to move it and she wouldn't recommend it.

- He does not know the measurements of rough opening of window, the egress window sill height requirement, whether second floor will be concrete wall or wood etc etc.

-The most recent one that he didn't pick was the roof eave encroaching the front elevation window ( I have posted it recently on Houzz), which was again picked up by us and they have deviated from floor plan yet again.

And now we want to change the fascia and soffit color to white ( from bronze- nothing has been painted yet), he is telling that the whole drip edge needs to be ripped and that would be costly. I thought that the drip edge and fascia will be painted together per our color choice.

For every minor change we make, they charge us 200$ fee and they have deviated from plan several times with no apologies or any accountability.

There seems to be no communication between different departments with this builder.

We are at our wits end.

We are thinking of writing to the CEO of the company and ask for compensation and to change the construction supervisor.

What should we do now? Please help. Has anyone changed the construction supervisor in the midst of new build? Is it possible?

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