UMass Extension Landscape Message March 19, 2021

Landscape Message: March 19, 2021

UMass Extension's Landscape Message is an educational newsletter intended to inform and guide Massachusetts Green Industry professionals in the management of our collective landscape. Detailed reports from scouts and Extension specialists on growing conditions, pest activity, and cultural practices for the management of woody ornamentals, trees, and turf are regular features. The following issue has been updated to provide timely management information and the latest regional news and environmental data.

Happy Spring! Welcome to the first issue of the Landscape Message for the 2021 season. The Landscape Message will be updated weekly in April. The next message will be posted on April 9. To receive immediate notification when the next Landscape Message update is posted, be sure to join our e-mail list



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  • nekobus
    3 months ago

    Thanks Claire! It’s curious that those precipitation numbers are a lot less than my weather station recorded on Thursday.

    claireplymouth z6b coastal MA thanked nekobus
  • claireplymouth z6b coastal MA
    Original Author
    3 months ago

    Nekobus: For all sites the readings were taken on Wednesday, March 17. They might not agree with your weather station, depending on when you got rain and when you previously checked the weather station.

    It's great to have the Landscape Message up and running again.