Why do these sample paints have such difference sheens?

Michael Schaffer
4 days ago
last modified: 4 days ago

I am trying out a few Benjamin Moore paint colors on my walls. Even though all the samples are supposed to be the same sheen (eggshell), I'm noticing a massive difference in the shininess these two relatively similar colors:

Left is Boothbay Gray, Right is Cobblestone Path.

Even though the paint on the right is a darker tone, it's reflecting way more light and revealing much more texture in the wall. Part of my goal for painting these walls is to hide this texture in the wall, so I'm planning on using a matte or flat sheen. Unfortunately, samples are only available in eggshell.

Why is the one so much shinier than the other? Can one color be inherently more reflective than another, even though it is darker? Will this pattern hold with real matte or flat paint for both colors?

I prefer the color of the right, but would really like a flat sheen that hides the texture like the one on the left is doing.

I did two coats of each, and tried lighting from a few of different angles to make sure it wasn't just the light (this photo is one light source directly in front of the wall).

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