Should I stay or should I go. . .

Rees Chapman
6 days ago

We're looking to rent a home in Northern VA, which we like a lot. But, early on, the landlord mentioned that there is a problem with the furnace portion of the HVAC. Apparently, a new unit was installed over a year ago, and it is "oversized." In the winter, it "runs too hot" which causes the circuit breaker to throw infrequently. Something concerning the "high limit switch" is involved. According to HVAC professionals, it cannot be repaired or modified - it must be replaced, but the owner can't afford that, and can't find the guy who installed the oversized unit in the 1st place. One guy told me there would be no danger living there, only occasional inconvenience.

So, would we be in any danger living there? Should we find somewhere else to rent? What other questions should I be asking?

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