Kitchen Layout Advice Needed...

Melissa Dukovac
last month

I'm trying to figure out our kitchen layout before we get new countertops. We don't have $60K for a new kitchen, so we painted our existing cabinets. Next up is the countertops/backsplash. We have a very narrow, short island that does get used a lot for food prep and as a "buffet" for meals for family (6 of us) to serve themselves at meal time. We all sit at the large square kitchen table for all meals. I'd love a bigger island and do away with the table (seats 8) but I'm not sure I have room.

OPTION 1: I'd love to TURN the island so it faces the family room.

  • But doing so will mean refinishing our floors (which isn't necessarily a bad thing...they're 23 years old but in pretty decent shape for having 4 kids...3 of which are boys).
  • I'm not opposed to refinishing since our first floor/kitchen "refresh" changed our color palette from golds/burgandy/warm tones with dark cherry cool/white/grey tones. I'd do more of a complementary color on the floors (dark grey?) and the banister/staircase

OPTION 2: Or do I put a peninsula off the end of the counter nearest the family room and lose the island?

  • But that blocks off access to our sunroom and our door to our outdoor living space/deck.
  • We also have a 2nd full size fridge in the sunroom and it would block off access to that as well.
  • Turning the island will also mean relocating the fridge...but perhaps we could put it where the "desk" is that is really just a catchall for junk/paper/bills, etc. (?)

OPTION 3: Leave the island as is but widen and lengthen the worksurface/countertops.

  • Get rid of the highback stools and instead have ones that can slide UNDER the island top (no back)
  • The extension of the island would have to have some sort of "legs" to support it

HELP! Any advice you have is welcome! TIA

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