Please help me decide on replacement windows! Small house

last month

I am in a small row house and planning to replace windows very soon. I think I am settled on black frames. My downstairs window will have a triple glider (two sides that slide and a picture window in the middle), similar to what I have now but without all the grills. I am torn on the upstairs windows and considering plain casement, double hung, or 4 lite (casement or double hung).

Understanding I don't live in such a grand house, I love the look of the upper 4 lite windows in the link I've attached. My look is modern, with clean lines (not farmy) but I'm drawn to the divided frames for the upstairs rooms for some reason. What do you think would look the best? Forgive my tech skills. Imagining sleek black frames for any option.

I love the upper divided windows here:

plain casement
double hung
4 lite divided

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