Status Report on my new rose garden

last month

Well, after the 2 enormous bushes got cleared, we had 500sq ft of bare space. Then, my DH built and painted a fence (to keep the deers out) around the space, with 2 gates. We then got a bench which was mysteriously almost the same color as the fence - it is ergonomically shaped, and is the most comfortable of all of our garden benches for me. Now my DH is slowly building a path through the new garden. In some places he has been able to use old poured concrete stepping stones they discovered 6-12 inches under the soil which were built by his ancestors (the are flat on top but a ragged mass underneath - he said they just dug holes about 6-8 inches deep where they wanted the stepping stones, then filled them with concrete and leveled off & formed the tops of them. Dozens of them were discovered when we had workers breaking up the soil after the area was cleared - SURPRISE!. They managed to remove several of them intact. They also found several old old bricks in a square pattern, also buried underneath the soil. My DH has used them to reproduce that pattern in front of one of the gates, as an entry platform.

This first set of picks shows the new garden and the fence, and the gate (there are 2 identical), and the bricks. Other pics in next comment.


Have managed to move 2 roses from where they were touching our house to this new garden so far - 'Bloomfield Abundance', and Pink Pet

Gate at the back of the new garden - it connects with an old arbor/trellis thing that was already there.

In the middle of building a platform in front of one gate into the garden with buried bricks which are 100+ years old

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