Question for Meyer Mike about using vinegar in plant water

Mike, I hadn’t heard of this before but sometime back you commented that you used a TBS/gal in each watering to acidify the water. Ive used it for about a month now on both tropicals and succulents. I think they seem to like it. I always flush at each watering anyway. But a few questions I have:

1) are there any plants that should NOT be watered w/ this? (LOL I should have asked this before jumping in w/ both feet)

2) since most of my tropicals are in 5-1-1 & some succulents in gritty w/ bark, which is already acidic, will this raise the soil to an acidic level that is inhospitable to them?

3) I usually fert. at 1/4 strength. T.Y. , Im trying 1/2 strength for spring & summer & about once a month I also add 1/2 tsp of epsom salts to water for mg & CA. I use regular old miracle grow in the yellow bottle & I dint think it contains either of those 2 nutrients. Is it ok to use the Epsom salts in the same watering as the vingar AND the fert or will the 3 together cause some sort of reaction?


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