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Newbie - need advice re: plant damaged during storm

last year
last modified: last year

Last week, we had an unexpected high wind thunderstorm rip through our area with winds over 70 mph (89 mph for about 10-15 mins). I was home since I recently had surgery - so, I ran outside and moved some containers down off of the sitting ledge that’s around the fire pit + along the side of the covered patio.

However, I failed to move this container (it’s extremely heavy) + I didn’t think about the size of the leaves becoming “sails” - until I saw the whole container fly off the patio into the yard.

Everything in the container was dumped out into the yard 😞 The plants in the container looked a lot nicer before - I put it back together fairly quickly because I’m not feeling well.

I have ordered a base with wheels for this container (and for a few others) so they can be moved to a more protected area next time.

This may be a dumb Q - but this is the first year that I‘ve planted my own containers (last year was the first summer having several containers - patio was built in Oct. 2021 replacing previous deck). I am just starting to learn about different types of plants/flowers/etc. + how to care for them.

Should I just leave the damaged leaves alone - or should I prune them? I did remove two big leaves already because the stems were badly damaged. I’m actually not even sure what the official name of this plant is - I just bought it because I liked it.



EDIT - I just noticed Baxter is hanging out by the container - he loves being outside!

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