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is my hvac a 4 ton or a 3.5 ton? Help please

2 months ago

I am getting quotes on replacing my hvac and the first company quoted a 3.5 ton, but the next one said I could go with a 4.5 ton based on some "heat analysis" they did but they quoted it as a 4 ton so that I would not need new ductwork. While they will be replacing the machine in the garage utility closet, all the lines/drains from that, and the outside unit, I am unsure what will tell me the size I have. Google suggests the "48" in the model number on the garage portion means 4 ton, but the outside portion has a "42" in its model # so maybe it is a 3.5.

Could you please help me figure out what I have? This size has worked fine for nearly 20 years so I don't see the need for increasing capacity. Of course they both have different warranties, so that is another consideration, but I want to start with comparing apples to apples.

Thank you very much.

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