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Groundhogs - urg!

last month

We have a new one just this week. They are intolerable for a gardener/garden.

What do you all do?

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  • last month

    Fencing in the garden can work. A large hav-a-heart trap can be used to catch and re-locate them. Or if going the heartless trap route, locate its underground den and use smoke bombs which can take care of the problem. Best to get rid of one before it multiplies.

  • last month

    My garden is fenced. They dig under the fence.

    Going to have to take more drastic measures. Fairfax County has an ordinance that if you trap a g-hog you must put it down. Fine with me.

  • last month

    I tried the live trap/release process. If you don't go at least 5 miles away they will come back, sometimes they come back anyway and if they don't come back they will find another home, so you've given someone else your problem. If I disliked someone enough and they had a nice garden I'd trap it and take it there to release but I don't dislike anyone that much, LOL.

    So I take the more drastic measures and trap them, then shoot them. I haven't found any repellent that keeps them away, any fence that keeps them out or any thing they won't eat, chew or destroy. (sigh)


    cindy-6b/7a VA thanked annie1992
  • last month

    It's also illegal to relocate them here.

  • last month

    I choose to have a little entertainment while exterminating pests. For burrowing critters I place a spark lighter from a gas grill in the hole,extend wires several feet to the nearest shade or place to sit, poke a grill bottle hose in to fill hole with propane,cover intrance with concrete paver to prevent gas escaping,run to my lawn chair ,pop the top on a barley pop then spark the lighter. A little old lady down the road not only furnishes snacks and beer to have me take care of those in her yard,she insists I let her know and she brings the goodies to watch when I'm blasting those in my own yard.

    For the less adventurous I recommend a lawn mower. No,no,no I don;t mean chase them down and run them over,that will make a mess to attract flys,buzzards and all kinds of scavengers. What you do don't you see is run a hose from mower muffler to inside hole where carbon-monoxide puts them to sleep then suffocates them. Arguably more human but not near as entertaining.

    I can't take credit for either method. Like some of you I once live trapped and relocated animals until a member here @annpat told me it's inconsiderate to haul them over to neighbor's place where they dig up their yard. Soooo I began zapping them before dumping them off. That upset Annie even worse and she pointed out the stink,flys and buzzards. Ta-Da , enter another learned member @old_dirt who informed us carcasses are great for enriching soil. Yep,that's right, instead of discouraging varmits scrounging through his compost old_dirt clobbers them or traps them then clobbers them before tossing into compost. Blood and guts being high in N it's especially beneficial that carcass is aerated and carbonized by mower exhaust. As you recall from Jr High chemistry class each molecule of carbon monoxide is made up of 1 carbon atom and 1 oxygen atom.

  • last month

    klem1 I hope you are trying to be funny. I find it Jeffrey Dahmer level disturbing.

  • last month

    Kitasei2 I sometimes inject flair or dress up what I say attempting to make a point but not alter facts. (A) I do terminate pests unless there's a compelling reason not to. In this case I find no reason to spare the varmints. Would you let them live? (B) I strive to make it quick and painless as possible. That means pass it up and wait for another day rather than risk a crippling shot. Do you consider poisoning a better choice? (C) Above all,I make lowest impact on non-target creatures I can,often at extra expense of money,time and labor.

    I often cross swords with those squirting poison on everything that creeps,crawls or flys just to rid themselves of a single insect but I've never compared them to Unabomber or school shooters.

    Do you have something to say besides throwing darts from darkness?


  • last month

    We managed to dispatch one g-hog but now there are two more!! They're multiplying!

  • last month

    It appears that someone else took care of the g-hogs as we are no longer seeing damage. Fine with me.

  • last month

    I like it when that happens. I think a neighbor got rid of one I saw a week or so ago. I have not seen it or any damaged plants.