How do I protect house from 900 ft tile removal dust?

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago
We are replacing our current tile/carpet/wood floors with new tile (baths/laundry) and wood. Will mechanically remove about 900 sq feet of tile, which will cause massive amount of dust.

Does anyone have any suggestions for ways to reduce the dust?
Do you move out or stay in a tiny section of the house during the 2-3 weeks process? Do you remove items from cupboards and wall cabinets or just cover them with plastic?

Are there any hints/tips to make this process any easier?
I have reserved a Pod for the month and can use 1/2 of a 3 car garage but just don't know which items to pack versus leave in place.

I am leaning toward leaving contents of kitchen cupboards in place and washing later instead of packing and having to wash anyway.

Do you remove all food items from the pantry (tile removal in pantry too)? etc etc.

Open to all suggestions! Including hiring a cleaning crew afterward! :)

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