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Our new deck!

Judith Faram
May 6, 2014
Here are the before and after pictures of my deck. Now we have a new outdoor room, we love it.

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  • Libbmom
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  • PRO
    Yes, much improved outdoor space.
    Judith Faram thanked Dytecture
  • PRO
    Signature Home Services
    Looks great! Love the wood.
    Judith Faram thanked Signature Home Services
  • K
    Love it & love that it does not appear you cut down the tree!looks trimmed.
  • Judith Faram
    Yes, we just trimmed the lower branches of the tree. It is thriving and we finally can use the space underneath. Since we do not get that much rain but a fair amount of wind we will have to go up a ladder and clean off the roof from it's debris and sap droppings. We have gained an extra outdoor room.
  • PRO
    J Design Group - Interior Designers Miami - Modern

    J Design Group, Modern Interior Design Firm in Miami, Florida. http://www.JDesignGroup.com
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  • PRO
    Beautiful transformation!
    Judith Faram thanked BuildDirect
  • Judith Faram
    Thanks to your great products and customer service.
  • PRO
    Horizon Landscape Company
    Awesome transformation! The porch looks significantly larger! What color is the wood you used?
  • PRO
    HomeStory Doors of Orange County
    Very nice! Congratulations!
    Judith Faram thanked HomeStory Doors of Orange County
  • Judith Faram
    We used the Copacabana IPE Champagne Flex Deck Tiles.
  • PRO
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  • alba
    I love the port. Whom made that for you?
  • Kathy Panak
    Who are you kidding? Use the wide angle vice versa.
  • Becky Rhodes
    I'd like to know what the flat part of the patio cover is made from. I really like how it looks!
  • Barbara Disraeli
    love the changes.
    Judith Faram thanked Barbara Disraeli
  • PRO
    Stamps Design Services
    Not huge changes, but a HUGE impact! Great job!
    Judith Faram thanked Stamps Design Services
  • ststefanos
    Great practical improvement of the space! It can be used so much more now. Good job!
    Judith Faram thanked ststefanos
  • efcordero
    Beautiful !! What is the material used to cover it?
  • Judith Faram
    The roof structure and the reeling was made by a Company in Prescott AZ called "A Shade Beyond". If you live in this area this is a Company I certainly recommend for fixed as well as retractable awnings.
  • Judith Faram
    The material for the roof structure are sheets of clear double walled Polycarbonate which are very resistant to scratching, very strong and much lighter than glass would have been. Therefore the structure itself could be lighter as it would have had to be if we used glass panels. Also we did not lose any light in the kitchen/dining area which was an important factor.
  • Judith Faram
    I guess you mean the floor? We used Flex Deck Floor Tiles. Look it up under Build Direct.
  • Aubry M
    Quick question about the decking, does it get hot in the sun in the summer? (I am in Apache Junction, shopping for decking)
  • Aubry M
    Let me add to that, I'm looking for decking that is hopefully kid friendly and won't scorch their feet in the AZ sun.... not sure if that's even possible
  • Judith Faram
    Since we only just put it in we have not yet gone through a summer so we don't know what AZ sun does to it. Look into the website of Build Direct and ask the question. Their customer Service is very good maybe they cans answer you better than I can.. Maybe also get some sample tiles you can test.
  • PRO
    Hi Aubry. We are here to answer any of your questions, please email us at socialteam@builddirect.com and we will make sure you get the information you need. We'd also love to send you some samples to test for yourself in the AZ sun!
  • Aubry M
    Hi! Thanks for the replies, I didn't mean to hijack the thread! As soon as we close on the new place I would be delighted to try some samples, and get in touch with you!
  • PRO
    You can put the fountain in front of the tree to recreate a nice outdoor ambiance and move the table in the middle. You can add pillow like red on your chair without changing them. http://www.veronneau.com/boutique/coussinsetjetes
  • Susan Lowry_Lamb
    I love this because it shows how small changes can make such a big impact.
    Judith Faram thanked Susan Lowry_Lamb
  • stevenhauptmann
    Nice improvement! Red pots give a nice pop.
    Judith Faram thanked stevenhauptmann
  • Lisa Smith
    Very nice! Love it!
    Judith Faram thanked Lisa Smith
  • jerryalan
    Very nice with the covered area. I love it..
    Judith Faram thanked jerryalan
  • Debbie George
    I don't care for the material for the roof/awning, It doesn't go with the style of the home exterior as I see it in the picture. The rest is very nice.. It looks like the home has an adobe look, so I would have gone with a covering with a spanish or southwestern look.
  • debbietarrant
    There's something truly magical about sharing food and drinks al fresco. Well done on a simple but meaningful transformation.
    Judith Faram thanked debbietarrant
  • Judith Faram
    I am in the process of making some red cushions as well which will give the sitting are a little more pop.
  • Judith Faram
    Believe me we went through several ideas before settling on this design. However, everything was too heavy looking and took too much light away in the kitchen/dining area. I like the fact that it is not in your face......
  • Cindy Ceballos
    trying to get to the website for "shade beyond"... can you post a link?
  • Judith Faram
    I did not have much luck either, I don't even know whether they have a website. But here is Wolfgang Dieterich's (owner and person to deal with) e-mail address: wdieterich1@gmail.com. Tel. # 928-778-9300.
  • rredpenn
    I am into your "railing"--the open airiness of it, the designs in it, the uniqueness, everything about it! Looks fantastic! So much cooler than the lattice everyone uses.
  • Judith Faram
    Thank you, we love it too. We are now letting it take on a natural rust patina and once it has reached the point where it has a rich brown color we will seal it. This is actually recycling at its best. The sheets are so called "skeleton sheets" from a company that stamps out all sorts of industrial parts (for cars, tools etc.) There is not much use for the "left over" steel plates. Since the negatives make interesting pattern we thought it would make a perfect railing and it did.
  • Lee Taylor
    Very relaxing! Glad you kept the hummingbird feeder, and so happy to see clear nectar in it...no dyes for our little friends! Kudos!
  • Judith Faram
    Thank you! Oh yes, that was my last request after they finished welding the railing. It is now properly screwed into the railing and hangs not over the deck so if there are any sugar water drips it does not attract ants. We love watching the humming birds. Generally one adopts the feeder and chases all the others away. Fierce little creatures.

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