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Tile design

Wendy Stout
May 9, 2014
I have designed a shower wall for a large shower. But I am rethinking my choice. This is an upstairs master suite or room for company. It will not be used often. Our master is downstairs. If my mother comes to live with us, my husband and I can move upstairs and she could have the downstairs suite. We are in our 60's and I plan to never remodel again. It should still be relatively "new" when my husband and I leave this world, but I am concerned for the next generation who will have to remodel to update. I am thinking about taking out the accent pieces and leave the gray 12x12 tiles. I could only use them on the sink backslash and a short 2'x4' wall for bling in the room now but something that won't be too hard to update in 20-30 years for someone else. Am I overthinking this?
Leave the design and let whoever has to deal with it in 20-30 deal with it.
Keep the main walls plain and add bling where it will be easy to update later.

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  • PRO
    Consider a more 'conventional' accent tile strip without the staggering.
  • Wendy Stout
    Why? I do not ask to be argumentative! I'm curious.
  • jn3344
    I think even supposedly "random" designs have a certain symmetry and the way you have yours laid out doesn't have that symmetry.

    For example - Versailles pattern tile. Its not random but can appear that way versus random mosaics that achieve their consistency by sheer number of tiles.

    I think your idea for accent strips that are both two tiles wide and three tiles wide, and both on and off center, it would be difficult to achieve that symmetrical randomness that would be required for it to look good. So failing that, a more traditional accent - horizontal or vertical stripe, for example, would make more sense.

    I cant really find a good photo to illustrate the concept but you can see it here - this person does a pretty good job with symmetrical randomness in the placement of these 1 inch tiles. I think your tiles are too big, and the area too small, for you to achieve the look without a whole lot of fussing about the placements.

    Good luck!

    PS Oh and who cares what happens to the tile when you pass on to your reward! Enjoy now. In 20 or 30 years someone will want to redo the bathroom tile anyway regardless of which you choose!

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  • Denita
    Wendy, I think it is unrealistic to worry about what styles will be popular in 20-30 years. If you decorate in a classic manner that is suitable for you and your husband, than that is a wonderful feat unto itself :)

    Agree with jn3344 - people will change it for the sake of change. It is the nature of the human condition.
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  • PRO
    ClimateGuard Windows & Doors
    Yes, people will change it anyways in 20-30 years so I wouldn't worry. So definitely go with something you're comfortable with!
    Wendy Stout thanked ClimateGuard Windows & Doors
  • Jodi Taylor
    I'm confused with the 2 tile wide and 3 tile wide pattern. Is the next row 4 tile wide? The 2 grey tile lining up on the left looks like an accident. I'd lay out more rows and see if I liked it then. And then do what YOU like - don't worry about the next generation. They may want a tub installed!
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  • PRO
    Sarah Bernardy Design, LLC
    If you were looking to sell your home in the next few years then I would say to pick a more universal conservative approach in your selections and design pattern. But sense you plan to stay here for 20+ years design for you. Hire a local Designer to consult with on tile placement and layout so you can discuss your ideas and work through the best options for your use and space. Good luck!
    Wendy Stout thanked Sarah Bernardy Design, LLC
  • Wendy Stout
    Thank you for your comments. I will put down a drop cloth and spread out the whole wall on the floor to decide what WE like. You are right. In 20-30 years anyone will likely tear it all out anyway.

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