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Peterson Skattum Realty Group

An organized mudroom is high up on the list of wants for buyers when looking for their perfect home. If you have the space to create, these are fabulous examples of how a mudroom can be a home's central station. Love them!

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we are building a new house and including a big family mudroom/laundry. It will have counters, storage, laundry, locker space for 5, a work table on casters with stools, 2nd refrigerator, storage shelves for large kitchen appliances that we don't use with great frequency and a bathroom so kids don't drag the outdoors through the house and mess up my powder room :-). These types of mudrooms/laundry are what separate us from the apes in my opinion :-). Decorating with color and pattern so that I may actually not dread doing the laundry. But that might be wishful thinking.

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Great mudrooms but how does one clean out the mud? I don't see a floor drain in any of the rooms. And what about the addition of a faucet to rinse the mud off the shoes before putting them away on the shelf and maybe even the shelves could be perforated or slatted so the water can drain after cleaning. I would love to see some truly practical mudroom designs on Houzz..


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