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@Wagner Remodeling, I like the shower treatment in that remodel. But cleaning around the bottom edge of that tub would be an issue. There’s no way you can reach back in that narrow gap and get it really clean. It’s a dirt trap.

@Loren, I am grossed out by separate toilet rooms. I don’t even like them in hotel bathrooms, where the likelihood of two people having to use the bathroom at once is higher. The reason is they always lack a sink. So people use the toilet, open the door and then go to the sink wash their hands? Ick.

The wheelchair and walker accessibility problem mentioned by Jordan & Jordan is an important consideration, too.

(I once lived in an old Edwardian duplex converted into flats. The bathroom was an old-fashioned water closet. You had to walk into the hall and go into the shower room next door to wash your hands. There was a reason for that design when indoor plumbing was relatively new and potentially smelly. Not any more.)

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Wagner Remodeling


Freestanding tubs have a different feel than an alcove tub (i can't emphasize that part enough), and the look is amazing when used in the right way/place. But still, I was able to squeeze around the tub and caulk it to the ground with my long arms :) A homeowner could use/make a sponge on a stick to clean around the tub but overall I agree with you on cleaning issues. However, in my area a house cleaner costs very little, a lot like having your lawn mowed every 2 weeks.


The cost of that tile depends upon your local market. I am aware of something similar can be purchased right here on house for $8.99 sq ft. with free shipping. Most my clients want to see the product in their hands before investing. The local market satisfies this need. Also, there is a substantial amount of square footage in bath #5, I see 150 sq ft which comes to $1300 just for the floor (@ 8.99). The labor will cost more as the floor needs to be dead-flat prior to installation. Plus sealing of the marble. That floor could be set with plank tile at a material cost of $450-$500 as well as a reduced labor cost.

Free standing tubs, They 'can' cost a bit more but with a little research by the homeowner the difference can be as little as $500, but they will need extra tile work to shroud the tub to the ground. In the end it is how you allocate your budget, such as not spending $1300 on your floor and putting more into your tub/fixtures etc.

The fixtures in that bathroom (the bath I pictured in my previous post) are pricey too, but that is what they wanted despite my recommendations for the same quality at a much lower price.

The picts below, once the architectural redesign was finished, the rest was not very expensive. The Travertine walls/floors was $1.50 sq ft, Granite work was not very much, cabinets are custom made on a budget, sink fixtures are basic Kohler faucets from a big-box-store. Overall the materials were not explosively priced which allowed the client to focus on what parts they want to spend their hard-earned dollars on.

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Anne Marsh
Love them all especially number 1 and 5 ! Beautiful!

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