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Really enjoyed following the renovation of your bath project. The before and after pictures were enlightening. I'm sure it is a stretch but are you able to provide me with a short list of professional house renovation types in my area- Mobile, Al? I did a little research and sent your brother's company a similar request. I have had several contractors visit, several postpone, and several I cancelled with, after seeing their website/facebook illustrations of projects...For me, the reluctance of allowing someone I really don't know into my house to work while I am away is what is keeping me from choosing The Right Contractor. If I can merge estimate price and warm fuzzy I will have cleared the first hurdle to getting this master bath and master bedroom project off the ground. I need advice. Thanks.

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Janet Kofoed

We recently finished our bath reno, and the total work time was about 3 weeks. We were removing the tub and putting in a shower, and the only thing we kept was the floor, 1" square white tile in good shape. We opted for a high end prefab shower unit, in a white subway tile pattern. That was the biggest item in the budget. The rest was done by the contractor who had been doing other parts of the house over the last several years. The bath was the last and biggest project to be done. We decided to do white subway tiles like the original hundred year old tiles, only bright and new. I bought tile and toilet and vanity at a big home center and ordered other things online. I discovered that suppliers vary widely in their shipping times, and just because something is on a store's web site, that doesn't mean they actually have it in stock.

The most stressful point was being told while the wall tile was actually being put up that the brown marble accent strip I had spent so much time picking out was thicker than the subway tiles, and I had to go out RIGHT NOW and pick out new accent tiles. It was sheer luck that the third place I tried (halfway across town) had the perfect tile, glass that looked like brown tiger eye..

Now it's finished, and I do love it so. I simply bask every time I take a shower. It's white and bright and flooded with light. It's still very much a blank canvas, and we've decided to wait to hang art until we have a clear notion of what should go there. For now we're just appreciating it.

One more thing, I found actual Targaryen dragon cabinet knobs, from Game of Thrones; just the right touch of nerdiness amid the classic white.

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Becky Harris

@Michael I'm sorry I am not familiar with any in Mobile but have you searched Houzz for local pros? You can check out their portfolios and reviews — one stop shopping! I think reading reviews will really help with your comfort level. Just go to the top of Houzz and choose Find Professionals. I pulled up a few types of design pros in Mobile for you:

Design-Build Firms

General Contractors

Also, if you plan on using a designer or architect on your project, they will often have contractors that they will recommend. So you could start there and work backward. They'll likely have a good working relationship with whomever they recommend which will usually make the project go smoothly.


Interior Designers


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