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Lavish Interiors/Staging Furniture

Less is more! Great read, thank you. - Staging Furniture/Lavish Interiors

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Margaret Gallagher

moving to a house 852 sq feet from 2900 has made me rethink everything I own and storage. Bought a queen storage bed with 12 drawers and making a Murphy's bed for the office/guest room. I will use all space effetely from now on. One in one out..

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When I was a child we always seemed to not have enough of anything. I now have more than I need and have been getting rid of the 'more'. It's amazing how deeply childhood really affects a person. I love a beautiful, clean home yet I love knowing I have choices to choose all my wants and needs right from my own home...just as long as I don't go over that thin line and enter into clutter.

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