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it always distresses me when i read how people choose to throw away perfectly usable items that could be enjoyed and used by others. Plus these items just end up going to landfills .... this is the 21st century: aren't we trying to keep items from landfills? If you don't want to bother with ebay or craigslist, there are many non-profit thrift stores (think tax deduction) that would happily take your usable goods. Some will even pick them up. Or you can pay someone with a truck to take them to the thrift store. Any of these ways will benefit someone. Throwing stuff in the garbage benefits no one, and in fact creates more problems.

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My aunt collected items from all over the world, but she must have realized some of her favorite things might be a mystery when she passed on. We come from a small family - she never had children - so, when she passed away, it fell to me to decide what to save, sell or give away. Imagine my delight when I discovered that she had tucked and/or taped little notes to all those things. She included information such as, "This was a 25th anniversary gift from John and Sally Smith," or "Purchased in 1978 during our trip to Paris." I passed the information along to the new owners of the items, but I kept the little hand-written notes in a small scrapbook!

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Sandie Heyneman

I’m thinking of keeping just a few small items from my mom and having an estate sale to sell stuff to people who want or need it.

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