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Firewood Racks

No one likes a sputtering fire that churns out waves of black smoke. If you own a wood-burning fire pit, you may have been faced with this frustration more than once. Luckily, the solution is easy: all you need are firewood racks to keep your firewood up off the ground, organized and seasoned. Turn that lousy, smoky fire into a warm, crackling one by storing your firewood in a firewood storage container and following these tips.

How do I season my firewood?

No, this doesn’t involve sprinkling your firewood with a mixture of herbs and spices. To season your firewood you simply have to allow it to bask in the warm sun and air until it dries out, which normally takes 3 to 6 months. Once your firewood is seasoned, you’ll notice it burns cleaner and more efficiently, with less annoying smoke.

The difference between seasoned firewood and freshly cut logs is moisture. If you toss freshly cut firewood onto your fire, the flames must first evaporate the moisture it contains before they can begin burning the wood. The burning off of this moisture is what causes the thick, black smoke none of us enjoys. When you let your firewood season, however, the fresh air and warm sun get rid of that moisture so your fire can begin burning the wood instantly.

What kind of log holder is best for seasoning my firewood?

A log basket or holder will raise your firewood up off the ground, which allows the fresh air to circulate around it. This also keeps it out of reach of pesky bugs that would otherwise make a home in your log pile. Most styles will keep your firewood neatly organized and allow it to season, so you can choose one that you like best. However, it’s better to forego a cover, since this will trap in the moisture and keep the sunshine and fresh air out.

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