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Design by Intent Indestructible 15-Inch Bathroom Stool, White, Single Unit
Design by Intent Indestructible 15-Inch Bathroom Stool, White, Single Unitby Design by Intent(12)
In our quest to search the world for unique and functional products that will enhance the quality of your life and beautify your home, we are pleased to introduce our classy benches by Design by Intent. This newest brand is the nexus of the fusion of function and beauty through superior design elements. These bathroom stools are solid, sturdy, and attractive. They are versatile and can be used as fully functional seating in the shower. Use as a shaving stool to rest your legs. Even use as end tables anywhere inside the house or outdoors. Stack them up for versatile extra seating around the house, office, patio, poolside, or classroom. Also ideal for the fitness, hotel and hospitality market. These low cost, economical shower and locker room benches will require almost no maintenance or upkeep by your staff. Simply spray and clean during the normal process of cleaning the shower. Flexible and innovative, you can string together multiple units to form and shape or size for guests to use as a bench, or individually. These are even appropriate to use in academic school settings, or institutional use, and are an ideal height for both children and adults. The rugged polypropylene materials make it easy and safe to use disinfectant or germ killing sprays without harming the benches. Made of recyclable polypropylene for strength and longevity, these shower benches are practically indestructible. The shower stools are also extremely low maintenance and only require rinsing and cleaning on a periodic basis. They are resistant to all chemicals commonly used in the bathroom shower such as soaps and shampoos. A non-marking pad is provided on each leg to prevent marking of shower and floor surfaces. Tatay, our manufacturing partner is a 2nd generation family company on the coast of Spain that has been making products since 1930. This was designed by renowned Spanish industrial designer, Alex Miravelles. E&T Horizons is pleased to be the exclusive North American distributor for these products.Read More
DecoTeak Obliquity Teak Shower Bench With Shelf
DecoTeak Obliquity Teak Shower Bench With Shelfby DecoTeak
This sleek modern contemporary teak shower bench is compact, but yet comfortable for seating. The 18" height is a perfect height to rest your feet on while shaving in the shower. We have designed this based upon modern contemporary furniture designs that will coordinate with your modern bathroom, shower, sauna, steam room, or anywhere in your house. We believe our bathroom furniture should add an air of serenity, and calm to your surroundings. The root meaning of the word "obliquity" is a state of being. While relaxing in your shower we hope that our attractive designs will put you in a state of being of relaxation and calm. Both seat slats, and shelf slats provide for ease of water drainage. The adjustable height leg pads allow you to raise the height of any leg independent of the other, to accommodate mild slopes in floors. It also provides the benefit of raising the wood off of the floor so the wood does not remain in contact with the water. The shelf design provides for additional stability. All of our teak wood is 100% solid plantation grown teak. Teak is renowned for its hard wood, oils, and ability to resist moisture, mold, and mildew. The original plantations in Indonesia were planted by the Dutch to provide solid nautical grade timber for the boats. DecoTeak sources our products directly from small workshops in a coastal rural village on the island of Java in Indonesia. We work directly with these village craftsmen to provide you the best combination of value, quality, and workmanship. In addition to careful quality inspection and collaboration with our partners, we do 100% QC inspection in the USA before sending products to you. DecoTeak is a small female owned, operated, and run company. We provide old world customer service, and stand behind our products with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, and one of the strongest warranties in the industry. FULLY ASSEMBLED Teak Shower Bench- 12"W x 18"L x 18"H INCLUDED AMENITY SHELF- For storage of toiletries And shampoos INDOOR OUTDOOR STAIN- Rich brown to coordinate with decor SLATS FOR DRAINAGE- In both seat and Shelf ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT FOOT PADS- Adjusts each legs heightRead More
Bamboo Shower Seat Bench With Storage Shelf
Bamboo Shower Seat Bench With Storage Shelfby Belmint(19)
Shower, Soak and Sweat in Style. From the shower to the bathtub to the sauna, this awesome bamboo bench is the perfect addition to your functional decor collection. It is highly attractive, impressively strong, and surprisingly comfortable. Sit pretty on the supportive seat while resting your books, towels, electronics, grooming and hygiene essentials on the slatted storage shelf. Best of all, it looks great in any bathroom and is especially suited for nature and country-themed spaces. Overview 100% Organic Bamboo Supportive bench for all your shower needs - Being able to sit in the shower and let water stream on your body parts is refreshing and enjoyable. Whether you've been undergoing physical therapy, or have some ache on your feet, back, and knees, this bench is stable and comfortable for all your shower necessities Simple, sturdy & elegant design - We made this bench using the highest quality solid bamboo material with waterproof and antibacterial qualities. Commonly called shower stool, shower seat, or shower chair, this bamboo bench is very attractive inside your shower and features a built-in storage shelf to keep your spa accessories, wet towels, and shower tools for your convenience Perfect for indoor or outdoor use - One thing that makes this bamboo shower bench special is that it was designed with versatility and practicality in mind. You can use it as bathroom furniture, bathtub storage organizer, or use it outside on the deck, home garden decor, lawn, RV and much more. It's very easy to assemble and functional Portable & compact - Our wood shower bench is small enough that it doesn't take up too much space in the shower stall. The bench measures 19" inches Long, 10 inches wide & 18" inches tall Product Description With a stylish design Use it to decorate your deck, lawn, living room, bedroom and even RV to make them more inviting. It's also the perfect addition to any spa's decor. We have newly redesigned it in 2017 with water-friendly material and four sturdy bamboo Easo-carved legs to be resistant to water and comfortable to use in the bathroom or sauna. Bambusi always puts safety first This shower bench is crafted to the highest standards so that it provides ample support for full-sized adults. (250 lb). This bamboo is brought to a flawlessly smooth finish to eliminate splinters and doesn't warp or crack like other woods and continue to serve you for way longer. Use for more than style Both the bench's gently concave seat and lower storage shelf feature a slatted design that lends an attractive appearance. But beyond being a style choice, the spacing allows for efficient air exchange which is perfect for wet towels, etc. Easy assembly and disassembly No Tools No Hassles. Tools and screws provided you can assemble and disassemble repeatedly so you can easy move it from one place to the other. Perfect gift idea for any occasion For your family, friends, loved ones, Christmas gifts, birthdays and for new home owners.Read More
ToiletTree Deluxe Wooden Bamboo Shower Seat Bench With Squeegee
ToiletTree Deluxe Wooden Bamboo Shower Seat Bench With Squeegeeby ToiletTree Products
Deluxe Wooden Bamboo Showe Seat: one thing that makes our shower seat different from the ordinary shower benches is its quality! We have meticulously crafted this seat using high-quality wood.It will not get rotten due to moisture.This sturdy and comfortable bench supports a full-sized adult. The deluxe material makes our bamboo bench looks as good as new always! Stay Safe in the Bathroom: Standing up while showering or attempting to get in or out of the bathtub increases the risk of slipping because of the wet floor. But, no more worries! You can comfortably sit on our shower seat while having a shower and prevent those accidental falls! A Built-in Storage Shelf: Our shower seat organizer comes with a wooden shelf attached with the bench where you can keep your bathroom stuff such as soap, shampoo, towel or reading material well organized. This robust storage shelf can carry all your essentials without breaking. Anti-Slip Feet: Our shower seat features rubber grip feet for added safety. It prevents wobbling and slipping off the bench on the wet floor. You can now have peace of mind knowing your aged parents and kids are safe in the bathroom. Comes with a Squeegee: Hate those soap scum and watermarks in showers and bathrooms? Looking for quick fixes and hacks to tackle clinging grime? Well, we have got you covered! our shower bench comes with a squeegee, Which offers easy and quick cleaning. you can wipe away the water that would otherwise linger and clean your shower walls, glass doors, and windows after every shower! BAMBOO CONSTRUCTION - This shower seat is made from bamboo. This gives the seat its sturdiness and durability as bamboo is tougher and most other hardwood woods. This ensures that your product will last a long time and not wear down due to water damage. UNDERNEATH STORAGE SHELF - The shower bench seat comes with a storage shelf underneath which can be used to store either the toiletries used currently or any extra ones you have lying around. It helps save space in your bathroom cabinet. PERFECT FOR SENIOR CITIZENS, INJURED - This shower seat is ideal for senior citizens who cannot stand for very long, as well as any injured and handicapped individuals who have trouble standing up for long periods of time. This seat ensures that you stay clean while also saving your own energy.Read More
Outline Shower Stool Stainless Steel/Black Werzalit Seat
Outline Shower Stool Stainless Steel/Black Werzalit Seatby Smedbo Inc
Since 1967 when Smedbo was founded the company has developed immeasurably from those humble beginnings in Helsingborg. Smedbo today is market leader in Scandinavia, sells products all around the globe and has a major market share in Europe and in the USA. The success has been built on extensive technical product development coupled with contemporary Scandinavian design. The Smedbo range is extensive covering several distinctive and contemporary styles. Most lines are engineered in solid brass to the highest tolerances and available in different finishes, and then protected by a unique highly transparent lacquer for ease of care. Smedbo products represent the pinnacle of engineering, the latest in modern design and come with a 10-year warranty. 10-Year Consumer Warranty of Smedbo Bathroom Products Smedbo Bathroom products are manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards. Extensive care and efforts have been made concerning quality of material, production control, design and function. Smedbo Bathroom products are guaranteed to be free of defects in function for 10 years from date of purchase. If defectiveness in the products function appears within the warranty period Smedbo will, upon presentation of receipt or any other proof of purchase, repair or compensate with an equivalent product, or if that is not possible, repay the price the consumer has paid for the product. The consumer shall, as soon as possible after discovering the defect inform Smedbo about the problem in writing. Our warranty does only cover the product itself and not consequential loss that might occur. Damage caused by accident, misuse or abuse is not covered by this warranty. This warranty does not affect the consumer's legal rights.Read More
As one of the main areas in your bathroom — and one of the most highly utilized! — your shower deserves some special attention. You can quickly upgrade your entire bathroom aesthetic by outfitting your shower with a new stool or caddy, or installing a patterned shower curtain. You’ll find everything you need to brighten your bathroom and show your shower some love with the products and accessories below!

Add a visually stunning centerpiece.

Don’t bother with the boring white or beige plastic curtains of old. Today’s shower curtains feature exciting patterns and bright colors — some even display larger-than-life illustrations. Think of this versatile curtain as art, a place to put your personality on display. While you’re at it, don’t forget to pick up some shower curtain hooks, unless you find a hookless shower curtain you adore. If you like, you can also upgrade to a curved shower rod for some extra space. Hey, every little bit counts!

Have a seat.

A shower chair or shower bench can make certain chores, like shaving your legs, a bit easier. Seats also increase accessibility and comfort for those who find it hard to stand for a long time or are disabled. A teak shower bench is a great choice, as this durable wood has excellent water-resistant properties. Speaking of accessibility, grab bars are another way you can make it safe for any bathers to get in and out.

Store your personal-care potions.

Unless you’re lucky enough to have built-in shelves, a shower caddy is a must-have. Another solution for storing your shampoos, conditioners and soaps is a shampoo or soap dispenser. Dispensers are typically mounted on the wall, making it easy for you to squeeze a dollop into your hand and get scrubbin’.

Get inspired with our curated ideas for Shower Accessories and find the perfect item for every room in your home. With such a wide selection of Shower Accessories for sale, from brands like Kingston Brass, Allied Brass, and Deny Designs, you’re sure to find something that you’ll love. Shop from Shower Accessories, like the the Bamboo Shower Seat Bench With Storage Shelf or the Boho Bouquet Shower Curtain, while discovering new home products and designs. Whether you’re looking to buy Shower Accessories online or get inspiration for your home, you’ll find just what you’re looking for on Houzz.