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Originally placed on doors as a symbol of status or victory, wreaths now create a festive and inviting entry into one’s home. Similarly, garlands add a touch of nature and green to our holiday décor with materials like evergreen branches, boxwood, holly and even deco mesh. Of course, a wreath need not just be for Christmas. You can choose to accessorize your front door with a variety of fall wreaths, spring wreaths and even Easter and Halloween wreaths.

If you want to use them again next year, look for holiday wreaths and garlands made from artificial greenery, flowers or even other materials like ribbon. Mesh wreaths can be colorful front door decorations any time of the year, while a paper garland can be as elegant or cute as you want. As for natural materials, a boxwood wreath is a great choice year-round for its full, bright green composition. Grapevine wreaths are perfect for accessorizing with summer or fall decorations like bows and monogram letters. The wide variety of materials available means wreaths and garlands come in all shapes and styles for you to choose from.

Take a peek at all the ways you can dress up your door, mantel and banister with gorgeous garlands and wreath designs right here on Houzz.