Cherry Catastrophe

10 years ago

Oh, I was so excited!! We just moved here and I was thrilled to find a loaded cherry tree - some type of tart pie cherries. Last week I picked enough to make a pie, and it was the best cherry pie I ever made!! Well, this past weekend I had a lot more cherries ripe. Had the kids all coming for supper so I was gonna do a big cobbler. I picked cherries then and sat pitting the giant bowl of them for a couple hours, feeling very Martha ya know. To my horror, just as I was finishing up I spied the tiniest little white worm! It was crawling out of the cherry I was on. I looked in the bowl and yikes the little suckers were everywhere!!! I'm absolutely sure they weren't in the ones the prior week. So am I just the victim of lousy timing?? Does anyone know what these are? Or the best way to prevent them (if possible organically?)

I'm an ol' gardener but a fruit rookie. I appreciate any advice!! I assume it's too late to do anything about the cherries still green on the tree right???

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