High PH in my Pond

10 years ago

Help! I just tested the pond water and the PH (on my chart) is very dark blue or in the 9's. Nitrates levels are perfect. Amonia levels are perfect. I've had an algae bloom and have been working on removing this for 2 weeks using quilt batting and rinsing it off every night. Its still murky. I have a bio filter and waterfall filter with mats in both places. I did a small water change last week. Approx 3000 gallons with 30 - 4" goldfish and frogs. The fish do not appear to be stressed. Alot of hyachinths covering about 1/3 of the pond along with lilies. HOW DO I FIX THIS! (forgive me if I don't look at this right away as they block these sites at work and I'm gone 14 hrs a day)

thanks, Jeannie

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