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Does anyone know how to remove odors from the DRYER?

16 years ago

I mistakenly left my vitamins in my jeans pocket and ran it through the washer and dryer. One of my vitamins is a fish oil capsule. Now everything I launder reeks of fish!

It's been a nightmare. I've managed to get the odor out of the washer by running washes with various things. But I just can't figure out how to get rid of the fish smell from the dryer. Unless I use liquid fabric softener and tons of heavily fragranced dryer sheets, all my clothes come out of the dryer smelling like fish!

Does anyone have any tips on how to remove odors from the dryer? I'm going to have a baby soon and I know I can't continue using all this fragranced stuff on the baby's clothes, but I certainly don't want the baby to stink of fish!

Any suggestions you could offer would be sincerely appreciated.

PS: I have a front-loading Bosch Axxis 2460 with matching condensation (nonvented) dryer.

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